MBE Review: The Billionaire’s New Toy

Well, it’s that time again. Yep, it’s time for another Micro Book Erotica review! Today’s review comes from Ava Stirling of The Invisible Girl’s First Time and The Cougar and the Boy Next Door fame. Now, before anyone goes off and says, “You just reviewed an Ava Stirling book”, Ava is a friend and she asked me to review this. If it makes anyone feel better, I will be reviewing a MBE with a notable political figure as the lead (not Sarah Palin).So, let’s dive in (pun not intended) take a look at The Billionaire’s New Toy.

I will be honest, when Ava first asked me to review this book, I groaned to myself thinking “Please let this not be another Fifty Shades of Gray rip off with a psychotic and physically abusive billionaire/millionaire and an ‘innocent’ women engaging in sadomasochistic sex”. But to my surprise, this book actually took a different turn and gave an entertaining albeit brief story at eighteen pages. The story would follow a young woman named Claire Quinn, desperate for a sale to keep her job at the Tri-State Bedding Distribution company and manages to contact and meet with Connor Brenton, owner of the Brenton Hotel chain. From the get go, I was expecting for the two characters to immediately have sex when they first meet, given how Connor asks her to take off her blazer, but nope. Instead, she walks out feeling disgusted and angered, even to the extent of ignoring his secretary’s calls.

As for the characters, I have to admit, I actually like the characters of this story. I was expecting to hate the billionaire, but Connor is my favorite character. At one point of the story, to test the sheets that Claire is demo-ing for him, he leaps onto the bed and plops down to relax. That’s is actually creative, how many billionaires can you imagine leaping onto a bed just to kick it? As for Claire, she has her development and reasoning to do what she needs to do.

How about the sex? Well, this is only because I read too much erotica (more than any guy should have to say), I think the lone sex scene in this book comes off as more vanilla than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, vanilla is a good thing, especially given the circumstances. I thought that in this book there was going to be some domination style erotica and forced play with Claire succumbing to torture, but it was surprisingly consensual for both parties and it didn’t leave the female lead feeling that she would regret it later. In fact, the story ends on a relatively happy ending which is rare for this kind of story.

So, do I recommend it? Yeah, yeah I do. While the MRE is short at under twenty pages, it does give a more or less complete story with developed and believable characters and a vivid albeit vanilla sex scene that shows how the author can write a steamy romantic scene. Stay in touch as I mentioned before, I will be next reviewing a MRE featuring a famous political figure.

If you want to check out The Billionaire’s New Toy, it is available on Amazon. Be sure to check out more of Ava Stirling’s books and stories.



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