In Search of Beta Readers.

Well, it is official. I have just finished writing my current project ‘Road Trip of the Damned’, a zombie comedy with undead children, mutant zombies, cults and zombie bears. With just over 78,000 words and 323 pages to it, I am glad that I have finished it. But now, I am in search of a few Beta Readers to help give some opinions on it and what could be changed before sending it to the editor. Any help would be appreciated and welcome. If you are interested, leave a comment on the bottom of the page and I will get back to you. Beta Readers will get a mention in the final version as well as a free E-Book copy when it is ready to be published.


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3 responses to “In Search of Beta Readers.

  1. I volunteer! A zombie comedy with a cult in it sounds right up my alley.


    • I would have also accepted ‘I volunteer as Tribute!’. I kid, I’ll send you a copy Alex.


      • Looking forward to it!

        I actually almost added “as tribute” to my first sentence, but then I thought that might imply that reading your book would be like being mercilessly slaughtered for public entertainment, and I didn’t think that was entirely fair…

        So I’ll just go ahead and put my name into the Goblet of Fire instead.


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