Announcement of Psychonauts 2

Ok, I know that this is out of my jurisdiction and seems like I’m just writing an advertisement for someone else, but hear me out.

Tim Schafer, the founder of Double Fine Games has just announced that the long awaited and wanted sequel to the 2005 critically and fan acclaimed release Psychonauts will begin development and has already achieved over $800,000 dollars in less than a day with over 30 more days to go.

A little backstory on the premise of Psychonauts with minimal spoilers. The story would follow a young man named Raz (Razputin) who after discovering that he has psychic powers runs away from his circus family to join other children at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, a summer camp dedicated to psychic children with abilities ranging from telekinesis to pyrokinesis. While there, he discovers a conspiracy that could potentially change the world forever. He meets strange and interesting people such as Linda, the giant lungfish, Lili Zanotto a gifted psychic girl and love interest, and Dogen Boole, who has to wear a foil hat or else he will blow things up with his mind. Rasputin soon gains the ability to enter people’s minds to help unravel the conspiracy that surrounds him and the fellow campers ranging from a militarized war-zone to a neon lit dance party. The game has received critical praise for it’s gameplay, story, beautiful visuals as well as the Double Fine humor that it is known for.

Psychonauts Cast from Wikipedia

The happy campers of Whispering Rock Summer Camp.

I originally played this on the PlayStation Two and I fell in love with the amazing and creative story. With that being said, I am not afraid to say that I will be supporting the sequel’s campaign as well. If you want to check it out, please check out the Psychonauts 2 FIG Campaign.

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