Review: Absolute Liberation: A Journey to Emotional and Financial Freedom

While this does not fall under my usual criteria of book reviews, I have been asked to review what many would consider just another self-help book that is filling an already saturated market. So, here is my attempt at reviewing a self-help book (I really need to find another sleazy romance novel to review.)

Absolute Liberation: A Journey to Emotional and Financial Freedom is the first book by Gurpreet Kang, an investor and entrepreneur which would not only share his story but give his advice on how to be successful while finding your only happiness along the way.

To discuss the good things about this novel, I would have to appreciate how the author actively mentions his experiences growing up in India, how his family has influenced his life and his multiple failures that affected him in his life. When you think of self-help books, you expect the generalized ‘I was at my lowest point’ explanations that don’t go into that much detail about the person’s life before becoming rich and successful. Gurpreet Kang goes into detail how he woke up in jail, bloodied with no memory of the night before. He goes into detail how he was barely making a hundred dollars at his first job. It is rare for authors to tell their audience about the absolute worst points of their lives and actually call themselves ugly. This creates a genuine connection between the writer and the reader that makes it more personal and likable.

When it comes to the bad things about this book, I have two problems and to an extent, they can be large problems. The largest of the two would be that the advice that Gurpreet gives us is almost too generic. He tells his reader advice that falls along the lines of “Be Honest” and “Don’t be afraid to fail”. This has been told to us by not only other self-help books, but by parents, teachers and mentors before time and time again. While these are helpful and important to know, it is nothing new to the reader. The other problem that I have is with the beginning of the book, where the author describes what his grandfather went through during the Indian Independence Movement of the late 1940’s, going into detail about how the country was going into turmoil. Immediately describing how people were being raped and beheaded can actually turn off the reader from the book despite the author trying to tie it into an overall message. If he let the reader get settled into the book and later talked about this, I would appreciate it more. But nope, straight off the bat there is murder and rape like a page out of Game of Thrones.

Overall, I would say that this book is okay in what it gives the reader, but I wouldn’t say that it offers anything that the average reader has not read before. For a book that is 96 pages in length, it serves its purpose and tells it’s message in a clear coherent way.

If you want to check out his book, it is available on paperback and kindle on Amazon.

You can check out Gurpreet Kang’s website and learn more about him here.

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