One Year Anniversary of SIWT and the Beginning of a Giveaway

Yes boss...

Yes boss…


Hello everyone, and welcome to the One Year Anniversary of Stories, Insights and Weird Thoughts! Well, it has been one hell of a year. Two books published, short stories written and book reviews are becoming an almost regular occurrence. I want to thank a few people for helping me with my writing over the past year. The first I would like to thank would be George Reagan, who had helped me with the early publishing and creative feedback with my book Dead Boys. I would also like to thank Alex Hansen and Ian Jackson, who would review my book and give me feedback to what needed to be fixed. Lastly, I would like to thank Dominique Scott, who has helped me with my editing for Dead Boys and is available for hire on Fiverr. So, thank you everyone for your help over the year.

With the passing of one year, I want to take the opportunity to look back at what became the most popular postings on the website and why they might have become popular in the first place. This will be with the most viewed posts and the most liked posts.

Most Viewed Posts

  1. Short Story: The Interrogation

For a while, I was actually on a bit of a bender with writing stories revolving around the prediction of the future. I guess it could be said that it is a representation of my own fears of my own future. But we will leave the psychological examinations for another day. Oddly enough, despite this story being written back in February, it still gets the occasional viewing while some of my other short stories fall into obscurity. I don’t think it is my best work, but for some reason, it keeps coming back.

2. Micro Review: The Panty Whisperer Book 1

This book...

This book…

You know, for a day after I wrote this, I felt like a complete a**hole. After reading this, I felt like I had read one of the worst pieces of literature in my life and that is saying something. While it is not the worst, it could have been improved. From the people who have read it, they found the Green Bay Packers fan joke funny. Again, I apologize to both the Green Bay Packers and their fans for that joke.

3. Editorial: Portraying Religious Icons in a Comedic Light

When I wrote this, I was honestly expecting to open the floodgates of opposition and hate from my thoughts about religious satire. But surprisingly, no hateful emails or comments. It was rather quiet. I will admit that I did enjoy studying different portrayals of religious figures in the world. Though at the time I wish i had more time to study other religions to see how they were portrayed in popular culture. In the future, I might have to do a sequel editorial to this topic.

Most Liked Posts

1. Photo Challenge: Wall

          This was a posting to The Daily Post’s photography Challenge quite some time back when I first started blogging.

Fighting against inner angels and demons.

Fighting against inner angels and demons.

The challenge was to take a photo of a wall that reflected something about either yourself, the people around you or your environment. Living near Baltimore, I felt that it would be suitable to take a photo of one of the many pieces of graffiti in the city. One day, I came across a place called ‘The Graffiti Warehouse‘, a privately owned area that was designated for people who wanted to spray paint and that’s where I came across this particular piece. I was enthralled by it and I decided to use that for the photo challenge. From there, it became one of the most viewed and most liked posts on the website.

2. Micro Review: The Invisible Girl’s First Time

Better than you think it is.

Better than you think it is.

The reasoning for why I would write a book review for a book called ‘The Invisible Girl’s First Time’ was partly because I needed another erotica book to review and truthfully, when I saw the post mentioning this book in my WordPress feed, I thought that I would get a laugh or two from this. So, after talking to fellow author Ava Stirling, she gave me a copy of the book to use for the review and I was surprised. It turned out to be a great read that managed to beat the archetypes that were commonly associated with the genre.

3. Short Story: Artificial Love

This short story was for the most part inspired by Spike Jonze’s Her (An amazing movie I might add) and an article that I had read in the past about a computer program that had managed to trick men on Tinder to believing that they were talking to a real woman as partly a means of promotion to the movie Ex Machina (Also an amazing movie). I would like to think that the story looks into the idea of attachment and what someone would do to be with someone they care about. Other people might not see it like that in my story, but it is just my opinion.

4. Editorial: Are Zombies Officially Played Out?

I have always enjoyed zombie films as both a kid and as a young adult, even when they get to be overly violent or off the wall hilarious in their approach. I do truly believe that every horror movie monster goes through a period where they have a peak popularity before dropping down again. I also enjoy how several artists and creators rethink that traditional views and stories we have had over the well renowned creatures.


     Again, I want to thank everyone who has helped me over the course of this past year with both the website and my writing. Starting today, my novel Dead Boys will be available for free on Amazon on Kindle until Wednesday. So please, grab a copy here to help celebrate one year of writing. Here’s to another year of writing!


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2 responses to “One Year Anniversary of SIWT and the Beginning of a Giveaway

  1. Congrats on the anniversary! Certainly sounds like it’s been a busy year.


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