One Year Anniversary and Promotional Giveaway

Howdy everyone, I have big news. In a few days, Stories Insights and Weird Thoughts will officially be one year old. So, as a means of celebration, I am going to do a promotional book giveaway between this coming Monday to Wednesday (August 17th to August 19th) of my novel Dead Boys. It will be available for Kindle Download for absolutely free to anyone who wants a copy. All that I ask is that if you do download a copy, please leave a review for book on either Amazon or GoodReads.

Also coming on Monday will be the countdown of the top posts on the website and why they might have been so popular (Truthfully, I don’t know why some of this stuff becomes popular. I will just be talking about them on Monday.) Also coming next week will be the second part of the story Augmented: A Story of Technological Addiction and yes, another Micro-Review. Hope to hear from everyone next week.

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