The Characters of ‘Experiment Twenty Six’.

Contains some spoilers from the book.

Aiden Corsaige– A corporate thief who works alongside Jason Kelly and Quinn Kimura to steal information and prototypes from corporations for the highest bidder. He often finds himself doing more of the dirty work than his associates.

Jason Kelly– A corporate thief and Aiden’s longtime friend, he is a skilled computer hacker who will often hang back and let Aiden retrieve the information while keeping security off of them.

Serah– A little girl and the first genetically cloned human created by Cherub Pharmaceuticals. She is curious of the world around her and wants to constantly learn more.

Quinn Kimura– A part time lawyer and contractor, he gives Aiden and Jason assignments for them.

Catherine Oshenko– One of the leading scientists behind Serah’s development, she found herself growing attached to Serah paternally.

Frederick Petridis- CEO of Cherub Pharmaceuticals, he is actively involved in Serah’s creation and does his best to hide the work involved with it from the world.

William Petridis– Frederick’s partner, CSO, and husband, he knows of Frederick’s secretive work and does his best to help to support him.

Erick Froste– A British mercenary for hire, he had performed jobs for Frederick and William before.

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