A Look into ‘Dead Boys’

Since my absence from the blog, I have begun working on adapting one of my old ideas into a novel. I have decided to adapt my comic idea of ‘Dead Boys’ into a novel.

The premise of the novel is that two young men die and are sent to Purgatory, where they are offered a deal to work for Heaven and Hell in order to earn a pass to Heaven. In the meantime, they eventually learn of a plot by an ancient demoness who wants to usurp power from Heaven and Hell to take control of the mortal and ethereal realms.

These are some of the characters in the novel.

Virgil Volaju– Twenty two year old college student who committed suicide, but has lost all memory of the act. Insightful and understanding, he tries to take everything Heaven and Hell throws at him. He tries to hide it, but he has a crush on Kylie.

Marcus Williams– Twenty one year old college student who lost his life in a vehicular incident. Calm and relaxed, he is often seen smoking a cigarette when the opportunity calls for it. He is always willing to provide backup when needed.

Kylie– Demonic case worker and a lovely singer, she is Virgil and Marcus’ case worker. She can be seen as empathetic and caring despite her job.

Gregori/Bridgette Winters– A demon, who after losing a bet with a friend, is now trapped in the body of a girl scout named Bridgette Winters. Despite his imprisonment, he still decides to smoke his infini-cigarettes. He secretly cares for his host, and tries to be a good role model.

Moira/Ashley Mackenzie– An ancient demoness from the Angelic Wars, she seeks revenge for her imprisonment and will harm anyone who gets in her path. She is currently occupying the body of a young woman named Ashley Mackenzie.

Phenix– An archangel who works alongside of Grigori, his best friend. Though he is often at ends with Grigori and his methods, he often sees the logic in them.

Cole Torrig– A college student, who after a near death incident when he was a child, can see people, angels and demons as they really are. He uses his ‘condition’ to acquire medicinal marijuana.

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