I’m Back.

Hey everyone, I am back to blogging after so long. Now, I have to apologize for my absence from the blog. The truth is, I suffer from depression that changes from moderate to severe from time to time. I have struggled with this for years, and it has taken its toll on my psychological and physical health.

Male Depression is a psychological disorder that is often underestimated and misunderstood. Men who suffer from depression are often stigmatized and made fun of because of it. But the truth is, depression can affect anyone of any age and gender. It is only in recent years with awareness movements such as Men’s Health Awareness Month (Movember) that people realize how much depression can effect men.

So, if you know anyone who is suffering from depression, realize that they should not be treated differently. Be there and support them in their time of need, and remind them that there are people who will be with them in their lives. If you want to learn more about Depression and want to help others, here is a link to the SAVE Foundation, who work to raise awareness about suicide and depression.

As for the blog, I will be working to continue posting as best as I can.

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