Squirrels: Nature’s little Emos?

Sorry about the short post, but I got a little overwhelmed with school the past two days to write a story.

So,I have a bit of a weird thought (Bare with me on this). I believe that squirrels have a darker nature than what most people think. Yes, squirrels; the small, furry, little mammals with an unhealthy obsession with nuts (sorry, couldn’t help myself). I honestly believe that squirrels are suicidal in nature.

Let me put it like this. Let’s say you are driving down a road, minding your business as you listen to your radio/mp3 player. Suddenly, you notice that there is a squirrel in the opposite lane of you. Now, naturally the first instinct of survival should be to go away from the sound of something louder and larger. But instead, squirrels will actually move towards the sound, risking their life. But I have to ask, why? They can easily go to area on their side of the road, but they are willing to potentially kill themselves to get to the other side of the road.

So, in essence, squirrels are suicidal little head baskets.


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2 responses to “Squirrels: Nature’s little Emos?

  1. Perhaps they are simply oppositional little mofos.


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