The Prairie

The sun shined down upon the grass covered prairie as whitened clouds sparsely filled the corners of the sky. Each blade of the tall grass danced to the blissful music of the wind as the flowers rested peacefully. Peaceful and serene, the endless fields looked untouched by the works of man. Standing in the distance, a lone child stood in the grass.

Barely reaching over the tall grass, he gazed upon the great expanse. As the tall grasses gently rubbed against him, the wind blew his short brunette hair back. He let out a gentle smile as he basked in the peace that the endless fields gave him. He soon submitted into his desires and began to run as fast as he could. Dashing through the grasses, his bare feet dug into the soil below him. The wind pressed against his round face as he traversed the prairie. With each step, he disturbed the flowers’ rest and pale pink petals flew into the air around him. Caught in the wind, the petals created spirals of color in the air. The child was captivated by the sight of the petals and stopped his run to watch their dance. Enthralled by the petals’ beauty, he stood there as his smile widened for the longest time. Gusts of wind pushed the petals towards him, and surrounded the child in the spiral. He was tempted to touch the spiral with his petite hand, but did not want to disrupt the petals’ dance.

The wind forced the spiral away the child and begged him to pursue it. He followed the spiral as fast as he could, keeping behind it as best he could. The lively spiral finally stopped at a gentle slope before it dissipated. The petals fell gracefully to the ground in a perfect circle.

Climbing to the top of the hill, the child stood in awe. Beyond the gentle slope laid a cliff, standing high over an expansive ocean. Walking to the cliff, the child sat on the edge of the cliff, content with the comfort that the soft grass gave him. He watched the waves clash against the side of the cliff, caught in a ceaseless battle. The child observed the ocean for what seemed to be hours before he gently closed his eyes.

In an unknown hospital, the child lied unconscious in a small bed, unable to return the realm of the living. Through the window next to him, a gentle breeze pushed through and carried with it flower petals. The petals laid themselves on the child as the EKG made its final tone.

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